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Coach Meyerowitz

Hi everyone. My name is Laurence Meyerowitz.

I’ve been on the department for a little over 6 ½ years. Since I joined the LAPD, I have continuously increased my level of fitness, starting with the academy, which got me down to 165 lbs. I went up in weight after that but continued to lift weights in the gym with my old partner and saw some good results. I had looked at CrossFit back in 2009 and the main site,, was great but thought to myself how can I do those exercises? They look hard. I don’t have the technique or anyone to show me how to do a good overhead squat, a clean, or a powerful snatch. We see these exercises done by power lifters or Olympic professionals, not the normal LA fitness gym goer. So I continued to do my regular boring workouts.

I then picked up P90X which was a change to the workouts I was doing. I enjoyed them but became bored after a while. I had done them so much that I could recite the entire DVD without the volume up. So I went back to my old workouts with my buddy and continued those workouts.

I am an avid runner and decided to take on a few ½ marathons over the year and I enjoy training for them and seeing results. This leads me to February of 2010, when I walked into the Hollywood Gym and saw Erik Helmstetter and Howard Hwang doing this awesome looking workout. I asked them what they were doing and they said it was CrossFit. After a few months, I joined them and haven’t looked back since.

I was fortunate to have two great trainers, something people pay $200-$400 a month at CrossFit gyms. But for us, the Hollywood LAPD, we get it for free. I was fortunate to attend the level 1 seminar and learn so much. I returned to Hollywood with a new drive to teach my peers and to get them to a point where they can say, “I’m at the best fitness point in my life.”

My Philosophy: When I’m coaching we will be doing a skill each day. Why? Because practice makes perfect and it’s always good to work on basics.

Scaling is important……you’ll start off slow and before you know it you’ll be right up there with the others….you got to learn to crawl before you can walk and you got to walk before you can run. So be patient.

I’ll push you and if I need to I’ll bring you all the way back down to the beginning for corrections.

My Goals: To get my peers in the best physical fitness shape they can with no injuries.

To help with nutrition (I am in no way a professional at that) but I practice what I preach. I go to a nutritionist once a month. I use supplements, which I have researched with my nutritionist, and I keep a food log.

Favorite Workouts: Hero WODS and FRAN
Least favorite Workouts: None ….I enjoy the challenge

So I look forward to teaching my peers and I’ll see you in the Gym at Hollywood South.



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