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Coach Palmer




“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

That’s how I feel about CrossFit. I can’t explain my love for it. I can’t explain the excitement it gives me. But I have a feeling, if you’re a crossfitter, you know exactly what I mean. A few years ago, I went with my friends (Diana Danley and Ryan Secor) to a Crossfit Seminar for Law Enforcement at CrossFit San Diego. CrossFit greats were there such as Darby Darrow and Greg Amundson. I gained so much knowledge from that seminar but I was the person looking in. I was impressed and I was intimidated. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able meet such standards. It was because I didn’t understand the philosophy of Crossfit, as I do now, and how it is accessible for everyone.

That changed the moment I was introduced to CrossFit Six over a year ago. I have never looked back. CrossFit became my workout of choice. At first I feared it, then I battled it, and now I embrace it. Fitness was a part of my life since I was a small child. I took ballet classes from four years old until I was eighteen. I’ve tried running, pole dancing, yoga, and spinning to keep in shape. But I’ve never seen results like I have with Crossfit. Currently, CrossFit and yoga are in my normal workout routines.

A brief story I’d like to share about my love of fitness has a lot to do with my mother. She used to joke and say that she’d been overweight since the day she was pregnant with me. At only 5’2, she weighed over 240 pounds. It was her life long struggle that ultimately ended in her death. It has become my struggle in life. As a child I remember her dieting. As a teenager, I remember her going on liquid diets for six months. I recall her signing up for gym classes and none of it worked. I was too young and uninformed to know how to help and make a difference. At twenty years old, I lost my mother to the Lap Band surgery. A small procedure meant to tighten the stomach so a person can eat less that went terribly wrong. I’m obviously not an advocate for weight loss surgery. I am however, a strong advocate of CrossFit. As a coach, I have the ability to help others in a way I was never able to help my mother. I’m honored to watch new crossfitters excel and more senior ones reach new PRs. I love CrossFit for allowing me to grow with my peers and making me feel a part of an awesome community.

Favorite WOD: DECK OF CARDS (Shuffle a deck of cards and start the clock. Each numbered card is face value, aces are 11 reps and face cards are 10 reps)

At one point during this workout I proclaimed “Nope, not going to do it.” It has since become my workout of choice.

Favorite Athletes: Annie Sakamoto & Michele Letendre

Favorite Quote: Give ‘Em Hell

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