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Fitness Challenge, Week 1 Homework

The Fitness Challenge is here so every week or so I will assign homework to help everyone achieve their goals. The idea is to effectively start healthy habits by breaking them up into manageable pieces. Steve Kamb explains it better on his blog, Nerd Fitness, in the article, How To Not Suck At Building Healthy Habits…Finally!

This week’s homework is to drink water. Sounds simple but most of us are probably dehydrated. The benefits include:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces stress
  • Lubricates joints and prevents cramping
  • Improves digestion

Want more information? Check out WebMD.

Your goal is to drink eight glasses of water a day or a cup of water every hour, tapering off towards the end of the day. Some more tips:

  • Set your watch to remind you to drink
  • Buy a water bottle
  • Use this free iPhone app, Hydrate Yourself

Good Luck.


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